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Fleetsaving "The Basics"

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Fleetsaving "The Basics"

Post  Guest on Wed May 18, 2011 6:18 pm

Originally posted by Tacticus

"basically it is sending your fleet of ships to a worry free location (transport 0 resources to alliance member) while you are not at the computer, usually when you sleep or take long breaks. Since ships in flight can't be attacked, your fleet is safe from attacks.

The idea is that most attacks are done to kill ships, to harvest the debris field resulting from their destruction, as they can be quite valuable (in the above example, 27,500 units were stolen, but over a million were harvested in the debris field). By not having fleets at your planet while away, they are safe, attacks are less likely, and less worry.

If you are online when an attack occurs, its easy to set your fleet to go to the nearest planet/moon/expedition at the slowest speed, taking as much resources with you. This is also a fleet save. After the attack, just tell your fleet to return early.

I've had attacks where 320 ships were sent at me, no chance to be defeated. I waited till the enemy was close, shut down all the mines, loaded up all the resources, and sent my ships to the debris field. They ended up doing zero damage (I had no defenses) and stole at most 1 or 2 metal. This made it extremely unprofitable to the enemy as they spent lots of deut on the attack. After a few attempts, they gave up.

check here for more info: http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Fleetsaving"


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Re: Fleetsaving "The Basics"

Post  freelancer on Wed May 18, 2011 6:39 pm

fleetsaving can be done to debris fields, probing inactives, to any member of Alliance, acs attacks (but set hold time to zero 1st) to even transport to 1 of your planets or other member (just do not forget to recall) or your rez will land on the other planets, any numbers of ways. just check out clouds link

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